Item 245

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 245
Name Wizard's Glasses
Brand Gatito
ATK bonus +25
DEF bonus +15
HP bonus ---
BRV required 300
Info Threads slot: Accessory

Description: Our buyer did all it took to hunt these down: elusive specs said to have once belonged to the famed inventor of Tin Pin Slammer.

Ability Name: AbipsycheAll-around Upgrade I

Effective when equipped by: Partner

Description: When your partner wears this, it displays how much time has elapsed during battle, and also increases the amount of EXP you get.

How to get Sold by:

Secret report event: Plot Event - Another Day

Ability unlocked at: WildKat - Cat Street (FSG Lvl 4)


How to Obtain Edit

In Another Day, after defeating the Black Skullers, go back to Molco. Play Tin-Pin with "Red" and win. Then, go over to the man over on your left, talk to him, and he will challenge you. Win this battle and you will recieve The Wizard's Glasses.

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