Vortex Saber is a Positive Psych where Neku slashes in a circle, damaging all Noise around him. There are two different ways they are activated: One type involves blowing into the Mic to make Neku slash, and the other involves drawing a circle on the screen. Both variants of Vortex Saber do the same attack.

The location of the drawn circle does not affect where Neku will perform the attack. The attack will always be performed at Neku's current location.

The circular slash which Neku performs knocks most enemies back, as well as dealing heavy damage. It also has the potential to hit twice, and if your enemies are close enough, it usually does. Lastly, it has a much longer range than you might expect, and covers a pretty decent part of the screen, making it very good for crowd control. Despite the attack animation, Vortex Saber will hit all enemies within range simultaneously, which will apply any bonus damage, especially from the puck, on all enemies hit than just one target.

Microphone Vortex Saber pins make versatile deck-fillers, good for both mindless attacks and passing the puck quickly and with power. A combination of high Power and Efficiency make them deal very high amounts of damage. They have low reboot times. They can be used continuously by continuing to blow, and they are also particularly useful for breaking out of Dracos' bubbles. Against strong enemies that are knocked back by its blow, you can trap in corners with the knockback effect. Using two microphone-based Vortex Saber pins this way is especially useful (against Konishi's second form in particular) because a continual stream of noise or blowing will give you a never ending combo of spins. With fast enough reboot times, you will simply continue to use up one pin at a time and start on the other after it boots until the foe is dead.

Due to the delay between drawing a circle and the actual attack, as well as the time it takes to draw the circle, the circle draw method simply isn't good. It still works as a powerful strike before any of the microphone pins are unlocked, but once they are, the circle draw pin becomes obsolete.
# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Boot Reboot Info
Pin 098c098MitamaJupiter of the Monkey B P Vortex Saber C Attack 11510031533.15.3Draw a circle in empty space and Neku will attack with a spinning slash. Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Pin 144c144Lightning AngerTigre Punks B P Vortex Saber M Attack 13910033922.53Blow into the microphone and Neku will attack with a spinning slash. Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Pin 145c145Lightning RageTigre Punks B P Vortex Saber M Attack 13510033553.33Blow into the microphone and Neku will attack with a spinning slash. Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Pin 233c233Tin Pin BladeUnbranded B P Vortex Saber M Attack 105100305543A special Tin Pin used in slam-offs. Yammer considers this TP Wind mod his magnum opus. Blow into the microphone to activate its psych.

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