Velocity Attack is the name of both the Psych and the pin. This article is about the Psych Velocity Attack.

Velocity Attack is a Psych that relies on Neku's movements with to deal damage. When Neku is dragged into a dash, he generates a barrier in front of him, which he uses to ram himself into an enemy, causing damage. Neku's dash agility is greatly enhanced during a Velocity Attack, and he can be weaved around the screen following the path of the stylus.

The ideal way to hit enemies multiple times with this psych is to dash in a tight circle. Every strike also deals a knockback to the enemy, which makes the psych a competitive choice for interrupting enemy techniques with almost no delay.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 139c139Velocity AttackTigre Punks A P Velocity Attack D Attack 583898418Drag Neku into a dash and smash him into enemies. Inflicts damage.
Pin 234c234Tin Pin WheelUnbranded A P Velocity Attack D Attack 473894203A special Tin Pin used in slam-offs. It takes its motif from wheeled warriors and slammin' rides. Drag Neku to activate the pin's psych.
Pin 303c303WolfUnbranded N P Velocity Attack D Attack 97381135.33.33Drag Neku into a dash and smash him into enemies. Inflicts damage.

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