Turbo is a fixed effect psych. All Turbo pins are categorized under Angel class.

Analysis Edit

There are two types of Turbo psychs, Turbo Gauge and Turbo Reboot. Since both Turbo psychs are Angel class, the player may only choose one of them.

Turbo Gauge Edit

This psych has two abilities:

  • Increases the number of uses of all pins that use a gauge to measure uses
  • Increases the limit time of all pins

For pins that use a number during battle to measure uses, see Supply Boost. Energy Factor increases uses and limits by 15%, while Her Royal Highness increases uses and limits by 30%. The number of extra uses awarded is rounded up; a pin with one to three uses will gain one additional use from either Turbo Gauge pin. Her Royal Highness is one of the most desirable Angel class pins because it allows powerful pins with few uses to be used multiple times, such as Anguis and Lightning Rook.

Turbo RebootEdit

Turbo Reboot, exclusive to Speed Factor, decreases reboot time of all pins by 25%, but will not grant extra uses to a pin that cannot reboot. It will stack with the effects of Over the Top, i.e. in combination the reboot time will decrease by 65%. This decrease in reboot time allows pins with great vertical knockback and already low reboot time, such as Black Uranus, to juggle enemies infinitely.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 055c055Energy FactorPavo Real N A Turbo Gauge 0---Reduces the rate at which pin gauges are depleted.
Pin 056c056Speed FactorPavo Real N A Turbo Reboot 0---Makes pins reboot faster.
Pin 192c192Her Royal HighnessPegaso N A Turbo Gauge+ 0---Greatly reduces the rate at which pin gauges are depleted.