Shibuya Map - Towa Records
Towa Records is a location in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. It is connected to Cadoi City and Miyashita Park Underpass.


Towa Records consists of a large yellow and red music store overlooking a thin road. There is a large screen promoting what appears to be CAT's tag mural.


Towa Records is past Cadoi City and is necessary to pass through to get to the Mayashita Park Underpass.


There is only one shop in the Towa Records area which has the same name as the district, Tow Records. The shop keeper is named Yoji Iwata. He is a brother to Shinta Iwata (owner of Cosmic Corner) and Shigemori Iwata (shop keeper of Shibu-Q Heads 3F).


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rhyme is Erased here while pushing Beat out of the way of a Shark Noise's attack. It turned out to be a trap set by the Harrier Reapers Uzuki and Kariya.

Level 1 friendship

Hey there. / You sure seems like you love music. / Thanks. / Funky pick, man. / Thanks, man!

Level 3 friendship

Hey there. How's it going? / I write the store's CD reviews. Check them out sometimes, man. / Thanks! I will see you, man / Thanks man, I think you'll be jazzed by this one / Thanks, man! See you soon. / Funky stuff, man! I'll let you in on something, but keep it on the D-L, yeah?


  • The logo for Towa Records in-game says, "It's a wild thing". In real life, the actual logo says, "It's a global thing".
  • According to the "War of flyers" Thought Fragments, the Towa Records and AMX stores have a rivalry, constantly trying to one-up each other by posting passionate reviews about new stocks in their flyers.
  • If a certain brand is popular in the area, it will show up on the large screens on the Towa Records building, similar to Scramble Crossing and 104. This happens to be Hip Snake on most occassions, even though the brand's threads are not sold here.

From the Game's ManualEdit

A record store born in the US of A. Currently, the store's collaboration with the artist "CAT" is creating a buzz.

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