Tigre Punks is the name of both the Brand and the pin. This article is about the Brand Tigre Punks.

Tigre Punks is one of the 13 brands in the game. Tigre means Tiger in French, Spanish and Portuguese, and is the animal TP represents in the Chinese Zodiac. Tigre Punks apparel features ripped and patchy punk gear, including mohawks, retro T-shirts, and puffy biker vests. Some of their pants are gothic punk style, and are used in making Lapin Angelique quest items. The multitude of straps and pouches on Tigre punks clothing makes it very distinctive. Tigre Punks pins are dark, mostly yellow, red, and black, and are modeled after the punk grunge art style.

Tigre Punks home store is located in Molco. Its shopkeeper is Nana Majima.

Tigre Punks pins generally attack nearby Noise with spinning slashes or by dragging Neku as an attack. There is also a line of health recovery pins. They feature designs with a lot of scribbles, scrapes, slopped paint, and spikes.

References to the Chinese ZodiacEdit

  • In the legends of the Jade Emperor, the tiger's role as the king of beasts was said to have been a lengthy journey to righteousness and glory. In the beginning, it was said that the lion ruled as the king of beasts, but the Jade Emperor saw that the lion's rule was tyrannical and cruel, and decided that a new king was needed. Back on earth, the tiger, originally clumsy and oafish, soon sought and was taught by the cat how to pounce, fight, and be rigorous in its movements. Making its might known by fighting off challengers in the depths of nature, the Jade Emperor soon took notice, and tested the tiger in the heavens against his guardians. While overcoming all of them then proved the tiger its rightful title, the mortal world soon was put in peril, and the tiger took it upon itself to right the balance of good. Before heading to the earth to do good deeds, the tiger asked the Jade Emperor to record its heroics; upon saving the world and denouncing the lion and its cohorts from the title of the king of beasts, the Jade Emperor then painted on its forehead the ideogram of king.
  • Being associated with punk rock and rock and roll is an appropriate theme for the sign of the Tiger. Along with the Tiger in Asian thought as a beast representative of the western world, tiger signs are considered to be very individualistic, wild, headstrong, resolute, and humanistic. Rock and roll, being roaring and wild as a music genre itself, also is important in this aspect; rock and roll has its importance as the anthem genre of rebellion and revolution in the West, including challenging imposition, elitism, and unjust authority, be it from "the man" up top or the tyranny of the majority. Rock and roll fashion took on a life of its own regarding its rise as well, as artists on stage greatly influenced and inspired fan fashions.
  • Utilizing headstrong and straight forward attacks with short range is characteristic of the tiger; within Asian culture and martial arts, the tiger is representative of hard styles and external methods, including direct confrontation, explosive speed, raw brute strength, and full on physical contact.
  • Concerning the sign's incompatibility with the Monkey, this goes hand in hand with both its fashion stylings and music genre. While Jupiter of the Monkey is that of sleek and sporty modern design, this comes to clash with the rough, rugged, torn, and wild aesthetic of Tigre Punks, that when mixed unabashedly comes to bring in mind the concept of a "poser". While JotM can be ripped and torn in attempts to look in with Tigre Punks, they come to stand on their own too well that they overtake Tigre's flair. While Tigre Punks goes well with Wild Boar's rap stylings, JotM differs in that they are more focused on "mainstream" pop rap. Along with being potentially seen as watered down, made for innocuous subject matter, and catering to selling out, evidence can be made to the differences in real life music: while rock has evidence that it can go good with rap, including bands like Run DMC and Rage Against the Machine, the early 2000's saw the rise of nu metal from bands like Limp Bizkit, which was seen as overly "tryhard" and droning.

Featured PinsEdit

Tigre Punks features a few decent pins.

Featured ThreadsEdit

Tigre Punks features a number of very important threads that will make the game much easier.

  • Biker Jacket (W1D5), Cotton Biker Vest (W1D5), and Patchy Biker Jacket (W2D3) form a little mini-mission together, as each successive thread requires the previous one. Patchy Biker Jacket is the non-SOS maingame item that provides the highest ATK boost, and is a solid pick for the Tops slot.
  • Purple Sneaks (W1D5) is absolutely essential. It has Faster Puck 2, which reduces the puck passing time by 25%. It is recommended to buy four of these immediately (one for Neku and each partner) when it is first available. What sets it apart from Faster Puck 2 threads is that it occupies the near-worthless Footwear slot, is available very early, is inexpensive, and has a low BRV requirement. Black Book Bag may be the most powerful thread in the game, but Purple Sneaks is arguably the most important. Purple Sneaks may even be used in the postgame.

Tigre Punks Pins

# Name Cls Psych Spec Power Sold by Dropped by Event reward Evolves into Info
Pin 138c138DistortionB N Discharge H Attack 78Cosmic Corner DougenzakaTin Pin Another Day (Shibu-Q Heads)
Scratch empty space to generate electricity. Inflicts damage on contact. Keep scratching to extend range.
Pin 139c139Velocity AttackA P Velocity Attack D Attack 58Molco, Cosmic CornerW2D6
Pin 140c MPP
Drag Neku into a dash and smash him into enemies. Inflicts damage.
Pin 140c140Velocity TackleA P Velocity Crash D Attack 82
Drag Neku into a dash and smash him into enemies. Inflicts damage and knocks enemies into other enemies for chain damage.
Pin 141c141Demon's HatredA N Explosion P Attack 14574 All
Press empty space to spray a wide radius with sparks. Inflicts damage on contact.
Pin 142c142Go 2 HellB P Spear Strike S Attack 5313 E, 85 N, 92 N
Pin 143c MPP
Slash across Neku and he will charge in that direction, mowing down enemies in his path. Inflicts damage on contact.
Pin 143c143Go 2 HeavenB P Spear Strike S Attack 52
Slash across Neku and he will quickly charge in that direction, mowing down enemies in his path. Inflicts damage on contact.
Pin 144c144Lightning AngerB P Vortex Saber M Attack 139Molco
Pin 145c BPP
Blow into the microphone and Neku will attack with a spinning slash. Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Pin 145c145Lightning RageB P Vortex Saber M Attack 135
Blow into the microphone and Neku will attack with a spinning slash. Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.
Pin 146c146LIVE!A N Street Jam M Attack 55Molco, Cosmic CornerW2D6 - Help the Reaper at AMX
Shout into the microphone to create a shock wave. Inflicts continuous damage on all enemies and always Immobilizes them. (Some enemies may be immune.)
Pin 147c147Peace FullA Cure Drink B Recovery 5040 ETin Pin Another Day (104)
Pin 148c BPP
Touch the pin to restore HP.
Pin 148c148ThanxA Healing B Recovery 30
Touch the pin to restore a small amount of HP and cure HP Drain.
Pin 149c149D.I.Y.A A Attack Blight+ W3D6 Pig (Station Underpass)
Greatly extends the duration of Attack Break's negative effects on enemies.
Pin 150c150Tigre PunksA A Resonance: TP Molco
Increases the Attack of any Tigre Punks pins Neku is wearing.

Tigre Punks Evolution Chart

All pin evolution chartsTigre PunksDistortionGo 2 HellMingle PPVelocity AttackMingle PPVelocity TackleGo 2 HeavenTigre PunksDemon's HatredLIVE!Peace FullBattle PPThanxLightning AngerBattle PPD.I.Y.Lightning RageTigre Punks.graph
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Tigre Punks Threads Edit

IdTitleThreads slotATK bonusDEF bonusHP bonusBRV reqAbility nameAbility unlockerSold bySecret report event
037Biker JacketTop105338Neku: ATK +5Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 1)Tigre Punks - Molco
045Black Raglan TeeTop2920SOS ATK Boost ICosmic Corner - Dogenzaka (FSG Lvl 2)Cosmic Corner - Dogenzaka
Tigre Punks - Molco
046Blue Raglan TeeTop2525Shiki: HP +10Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 1)Tigre Punks - Molco
049Bondage Half-pantsBottom21725Neku: DEF +1AMX - AMX (FSG Lvl 2)Tigre Punks - Molco
047Bondage Pants (Black)Bottom42938SOS Null DamageTigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 3)Tigre Punks - Molco
039Cotton Biker VestTop53030Neku: ATK +3Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 4)Tigre Punks - Molco
052Custom SneaksFootwear2560More Defense Breaks ICosmic Corner - Dogenzaka (FSG Lvl 3)Cosmic Corner - Dogenzaka
Tigre Punks - Molco
058Custom Waist PackAccessory22859ATK +2Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 2)Tigre Punks - Molco
054Double-spiked CuffAccessory3-528Attack Break FinisherTigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 1)Tigre Punks - Molco
041Fitted CoatTop123052Beat: DEF +4Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG lvl 7)Tigre Punks - Molco
057Gold Padlock NecklaceAccessory1240Beat: Fusion ★ +1Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 4)Tigre Punks - Molco
044Grey Gauze ShirtTop4932HP +15AMX - AMX (FSG Lvl 2)Tigre Punks - Molco
038Patchy Biker JacketTop167545ATK +5Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 1)Tigre Punks - Molco
043Pink Gauze ShirtTop31758Joshua: Air Combo ATigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 2)Tigre Punks - Molco
051Purple SneaksFootwear1427Faster Puck IITigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 3)Tigre Punks - Molco
056Red Mohawk SetAccessory7-1245HP Drain FinisherAMX - AMX (FSG Lvl 3)Tigre Punks - Molco
048Skirt Bondage ComboBottom75174Resist ImmobilizationTigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 6)Tigre Punks - Molco
055Spiked ChokerAccessory3-625Shiki: Ground Combo ATigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 1)Tigre Punks - Molco
042Tartan CoatTop11-14249Beat: Air Combo DTigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 6)Tigre Punks - Molco
040Tiger Biker VestTop135755Beat: Fusion ★ +3Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 7)Tigre Punks - Molco
059Tiger Waist PackAccessory4861Combo Panel +1Tigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 2)Tigre Punks - Molco
053White RubbersolesFootwear21046EXP Boost ITigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 4)Tigre Punks - Molco
050Work BootsFootwear21142Resist KnockbackTigre Punks - Molco (FSG Lvl 6)Tigre Punks - Molco

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