How to EditEdit

No data in stored inside the pin list; it is all looked up from individual pin pages. Simply click on the corresponding pin in the first column, and you arrive at the page where you can edit all the pin data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Question Marks & Empty FieldsEdit

The empty fields will show up as question marks in the table, to help editors identify missing information. Therefore, please do NOT leave a field empty, unless you don't know the value. If the field is not applicable, type in --- (the same three hyphens that you often see in the in-game screens). The only exceptions are:

  • Field "Comments" should be left empty if there's no comments
  • Fields "Sold by 1", "Sold by 2", "Plot event 1", "Plot event 2", "Evolved from 1", "Evolved from 2", etc. should be left empty when appropriate
  • Fields "BPP/SDPP/MPP yields" should be set to "M" (means "Mastered") when the pin doesn't evolve using that type of PP

Making Edits to the DataEdit

The pin lists do not contain any data. The data is automatically looked up from the individual pin templates. Please click on the number in the first column if you want to make edits to any of the pins.

Making Edits to the FormatEdit

Feel free to try different formats for the table. But please keep in mind that this is a popular page; please consider making a separate page to test out any format changes.

To Be DoneEdit

  • Some information still missing. Please check Pin List Complete for details. If a field is supposed to be empty, type --- in there - that way readers will know that field isn't missing, but is just not applicable.
  • Reboot time, boot time, power, value, etc. are all supposed to be pure digits in the {{Pin 001}} etc., and the units (s, %) added in {{Pin box qr}} is 1.0s, sometimes 1.0, sometimes 1. That would help with sortable tables, like in Pin List Complete
  • Stores don't sell the same items on every file, meaning editors all over are adding and removing entries from those pins to match their stores. A system has been started to fix this (adding "(file specific)" to those entries), but is incomplete.