Item 290

Number 290
Name The "Tatsumi" Burger
Description The ultimate burger, made with only the finest ingredients. Even the pickiest of foodies will shut up and chow down.
Effects Goes down in 14 bytes.

Eat this to boost your sync rate roughly 50%.

Once you digest it by fighting battles, your Max HP will increase by 34.

Like/Dislike Levels
Sold by
  • Burger Shop - Shibukyu Main Store for 1x Rare Metal; 1x Red Viper; 3x Sweet, Sweet Onions
  • Burger Shop - Shibukyu Stationside for 3x Rare Metal; 1x Red Viper; 1x Sweet, Sweet Onions
Comments [[comments::The name is a reference to MOS Burger's Takumi burger.]]

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