Tenho - a Support Reaper.

Tenho (テンホー Tenhō?) is a generic red-hooded Support Reaper and a member of 777's band, Def Märch, along with BJ.


During the investigation of who stole 777's microphone (during Week 2, Day 4), it is revealed that Tenho initially stole the microphone in order to stop BJ and 777 from fighting over who would be the band's vocals. Tenho was the one who called 777's cell phone, telling 777 to meet him at Cadoi City, in order to distract 777 so that he could steal the microphone. But utimately, during the hid the microphone and had his eyes off it, a certain someone took the microphone, which displeased Tenho. Even so, when 777 learned this truth, he was not upset with Tenho because of Tenho's sincerity.

Tenho is terrible at Tin Pin Slammer, having never won even a single match. In order to obtain the star "Lord of Tin Pin Losers" in Week 2, Day 5, the player must lose a game of Tin Pin Slammer to him intentionally or otherwise.

Other AppearancesEdit

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Tenho is an opponent you face in Flick Rush in the Tin Pin Tournament along with B.J., 777, and Sho Minamimoto.


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