Teleport is a self-explanatory psych: By tapping an empty space, Neku will instantly vanish from his current location and appear in the tapped spot. This allows the player to dodge quickly or move to a favorable location instantly. It also allows the player to get up close to their enemies quickly, which can be useful when attacking with close range psychs.

Most Teleport pins have a very low reboot time, except for Whirlygig Juggle, which takes a full 7 seconds, making it a distinctly suboptimal choice.

Teleport vs. DashEdit

While many new players will not see the usefulness of Teleport over dashing around the screen which doesn't require any pins, Teleport does have some considerable upperhands. Teleporting is instant and allows Neku to attack immediately after teleporting, allowing him to both dodge an attack and take instant offensive action.

In comparison, dashing has limited range and requires Neku to dash at least twice if he wants to move from one side of the battlefield to the other. Also, dashing is not instant, taking up about a half to one second, during which he can't attack (unless he uses a psych that uses the dash feature such as Velocity Attack). On the battlefield, one second can become all the importance at times, especially if the enemy noise is quick or attacks in quick succession.

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 037c037First GearPavo Real C Teleport T 1503Touch empty space and Neku will teleport to that location.
Pin 038c038Top GearPavo Real C Teleport T 1003Touch empty space and Neku will teleport to that location.
Pin 127c127Whirlygig JuggleSheep Heavenly C Teleport T 506Touch empty space and Neku will teleport to that location.
Pin 284c284LeoUnbranded R Teleport T 704Touch empty space and Neku will teleport to that location.

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