The descriptions of the Districts contain uncited quotes from the official strategy guide.

The Real Locations Edit

To help ground the connection between the in-game locations and the locations in real life, I made a lazy attempt at finding satellite images of the areas through Google Maps (as the Wiki's main page made a point of Shibuya's streets being on there). What makes it difficult is how all the locations' titles are written in kanji, but what makes it still possible is how their descriptions (I guess submitted by users or owners) are in English. An example of possibility: When searching for Cat Street, you find just a handful of shops that mention the "famous cat street" in their descriptions, all along one street. An example of near impossibility: A search for Dogenzaka yields hundreds of hits, most all over Shibuya, still lots spread through all of Tokyo, and even plenty throughout Japan.

I'm also thinking maybe there should be a "fact or fiction?" article, addressing how accurate the game is regarding the real Shibuya (including Joshua's lessons about Shibuya on Week 2 Day 5, for instance [apparently he's correct about Hachiko, down to the yakitori sticks, even if he doesn't address ALL the facts]), especially if people can find mistakes. NightChime 05:38, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

When searching Dogenzaka (道玄坂) in the Japanese Wikipedia, it comes out as a specific district of Shibuya ( Hachiko, 109 (104) and the terminal are technically in Dogenzaka, as is Pork City if it corresponds to Mark City. It also has a website (

Cat Street is apparently the old Shibuya River which was covered over for an Olympics according to Japanese Wikipedia (キャットストリート). The website for it ( seems to indicate that it also straddles into Harajuku.

If you'd like, I could continue this investigation for these connections.Pokeeiyuu 15:43, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

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