Swing Shark
Noise 61
Swing Shark's sprite
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Hit Points 1200
Attack 50
PP 15
EXP Gained 0
Found Towa Records
Date(s) Encountered Week 1: Day 4
Race Noise
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - 10,000 Yen*
H - 10,000 Yen*
N - 5,000 Yen*
E - 1,000 Yen*
"This squaliform menace can swim through any surface and eat other noise to beef itself up."
— Noise Report

The Swing Shark is a Boss in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix-. It is encountered in Towa Records shortly after it erases Rhyme, who sacrifices herself to save Beat. It is accompanied by Dixiefrogs, Bigbanfrogs, and Bigbansprogs.

Abilities Edit

  • Chomp: Following up every Dive, Swing Shark will send its head out of the water to make an attempt to bite at the player, inflicting a good amount of damage. Before every Chomp, a ripple will appear the targeted area for a second. Chomp also allows Swing Shark to eat other smaller Noise to increase its stats. After each successful Chomp, Swing Shark dives for a moment before its fin appears again to roam.
  • Razor Fin: As it roams around, Swing Shark's fin can inflict damage to the player if they collide.
  • Dive: Swing Shark dives, becoming unable to be targeted, even by Fusion attacks. The Swing Shark will frequently dive, always following up with a Chomp.

Strategy Edit

First, Neku and Shiki should eliminate the Bigbanfrogs, Dixiefrogs, and Bigbansprogs in the battlefield before attempting to defeat the Swing Shark; this is because the Swing Shark can chomp other Noise, powering up the Swing Shark and denying Neku and Shiki Pin drops, EXP, and PP from those Noise. The Swing Shark will telegraph where it will Chomp next by creating ripples in the ground for a time before it surfaces.