Subconscious is an Angel Exclusive psych that automatically recovers HP under certain conditions. Some pins automatically recover HP (Blown Kiss, Archangel, Visionary Blend), while others just use any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing. Among those that restore HP, Visionary Blend is unique in that it heals status effects and also reloads (though the reload is painstakingly slow).

# Name Brand Cls Psych Spec Power Eff ATK200 Uses Lasts Boot Reboot Info
Pin 010c010Blown KissD+B N Subconscious A Recovery 7020---Automatically restores HP when they are half depleted.
Pin 053c053Guardian AngelPavo Real N Subconscious A 500.3Automatically uses any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing to heal whenever HP are half depleted.
Pin 054c054ArchangelPavo Real N Subconscious A Recovery 7010---Automatically restores HP when they are low.
Pin 136c136Handsfree HealingSheep Heavenly N Subconscious A 400.3Automatically uses any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing to heal whenever HP are low.
Pin 227c227Visionary BlendGatito N Subconscious A Recovery 1001090Automatically restores all HP when they are low, and cures negative statuses when necessary.

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