Sprogs are a type of Noise in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix- . Sprogs only spawn with their Frog Noise counterparts in the Bottom Zone to hamper the player.

The Sprog family occupies entries 10-11 in the Noise Report.

Noise 10 Noise #10 - Bigbansprog

Noise 11 Noise #11 - Orchesprog


Eight sprogs spawn for each frog up to a maximum of sixteen sprogs per reduction. Sprogs can dive to attach to Neku. While Neku has sprogs latched to him he loses the ability to dash and has his health sapped over time (if the sprogs attached are Orchesprogs). Sprogs attached to Neku are not counted as on the ground.

Erasing the frog that spawned the sprogs will automatically erase all sprogs it spawned.

Bottom ZoneEdit

  • Swarm: When a sprog's eyes turn red it will make a dive for Neku, attaching to him if it contacts him. While Neku has sprogs latched onto him loses the ability to dash. Orchesprog deal damage over time while attached to Neku.

Notable DropsEdit

The following pins can be dropped from Noise in the Sprog family. Pins listed as Exclusive Drops can only be obtained as drops from those Noise.

Exclusive DropsEdit


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