The remake of The World Ends With You, The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-, has several different changes to the game.

Exerpt from The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-.

Technical Changelog Edit

Aesthetics Edit

  • Most graphics have been improved. Pin sprites are improved, but item sprites are not.
  • All music is full-length. Music placement has been changed in various areas and scenes
  • The ending theme, Lullaby for You, has been replaced with Runaway.
  • Stockpiled pins of the same name can be sold in bulk.
  • When browsing threads in a shop, character icons will appear beside the BRV requirement, indicating which characters meet it.
  • Purple quest items are indicated with the word QUEST in cyan text.
  • Red (one-of-a-kind) quest items are indicated with the word QUEST in yellow text.
  • If Twitter integration is enabled, thoughts with player-input hashtags will appear during scanning. (This feature has been removed in version iOS 1.2.0 and Android 1.0.0.)
  • Graphical icons replace the lettered icons beside psych names.
  • WEWY Promo Coat, WEWY Promo Tee, and WEWY Promo Tote have been renamed to TWEWY Promo Coat, TWEWY Promo Tee, and TWEWY Promo Tote.
  • The company splash screens as the game starts up may be skipped.
  • Cutscenes may be skipped once the maingame has been completed.
  • Autosaving occurs every time you enter a new area, finish a conversation, access the phone menu, and after pressing OK on the battle results screen.

Tin Pin Slammer Edit

  • Hands are auto-activated.
  • Buttons for the other three whammies are on the left side of the screen. There is no way for left-handed players to switch positioning to the other side.
  • Rapidly tapping a KO'd pin will not cause it to recover faster.

Connectivity Edit

  • Solo Remix cannot connect to TWEWY DS.
  • Solo Remix for iOS cannot connect to Solo Remix for Android.
  • Mingle PP cannot be obtained via aliens or other DS units. It may only be obtained by connecting to another person with Solo Remix in mingle mode and wireless Tin Pin Slam. Since update 1.1.0 mingle PP are given for TinPin Practice, and doesn`t require any type of connection.
  • There are eight items (CD tracks) that may only be obtained after connecting to another person and receiving his or her friend card. One CD track is given per friend card. Since update 1.1.0 (according to itunes) "CDs obtainable only by trading with friends can now be purchased"

Battle System Edit

  • Combat occurs in a single zone with a single HP bar.
  • Sub-slots are activated via a button on the lower-left corner of the screen. There is no way for left-handed players to switch the button to the other side.
  • While partners have an individual DEF stat, this DEF gets added to Neku's DEF.
  • Partners are activated using a gesture. They are now Partner Pins, having a gauge and boot/reboot times, and are invulnerable.
    • Shiki activates with the touch (T) command. Touch an enemy to acquire a target, and Shiki will approach and attack.
    • Joshua activates with the slash (S) command. Slash down to attack an area. Joshua is the only partner with a manual-targeting attack: he may miss if the enemy moves away or if the slash is inaccurate. The hitbox is at the tail end of the slash.
    • Beat activates with the press (P) command. Press an empty space, and Beat will skate towards that area, automatically acquire a target, and attack.
  • The Cross Combo (CC) system replaces the puck. When an enemy has been hit by Neku or his partner, a successive hit from the other character will deal +10% damage and increase sync rate:
    • Normal hit: 2% for Neku and his partner
    • Blazing hit: 3% for Neku, 2.5% for his partner
    • The timing for blazing hits is affected by starting sync rate (see below), much like how sync rate inTWEWY DS affected puck timing.
    • CC hits slow down the battle momentarily. During this time, the enemy will flash and be invulnerable. Psychs are still processed at full speed, so fast, multi-hit psychs such asEntanglement or Lightning Arrester will not connect all of their hits.
    • CC hits are the only hits that deal full damage to Taboo Noise. They also neutralize any immunities an enemy may have, so this is one way to defeat the immunity frogs that appear on Another Day.
  • Pin drops that end a battle or reduction do not add time.

Fusions Edit

  • All pigs are immune to fusions.
  • Fusion stars no longer exist. Instead, sync rate now determines fusion level, with 100% representing one level of fusion.
    • Starting sync rate is capped at 100% before item bonuses.
    • Using a fusion will reduce sync rate to 0%. Leftover sync is not kept.
    • The sync rate at the end of a battle, along with damage taken, determines the new starting sync rate. Ending a battle with a fusion will cause starting sync rate to be 0%.
    • A regular partner hit increases sync rate by 0.3%. Regular hits from Neku do not increase sync rate.
  • When activating a fusion, the player will enter a timed card minigame. Good performance results in higher fusion damage and additional drop rate stars.
    • Extra damage is shown with an on-screen fusion multiplier that starts at 1.0X. This multiplier increases for each correct card chosen, as well as completing a round with no errors.
    • Extra drop rate stars are equal to the fusion level times the fusion multiplier, rounded down. These drop rate stars are added to the total drop rate.
  • Partners have various fusion minigames:
    • Shiki must match a zener card at the 12 o'clock position with two identical cards that are momentarily revealed.
      • There are 4 possible shapes: circle, cross, star, waves. The difficulty setting does not change this amount.
      • There are 4 cards to choose from in the first round, 5 in the second round, and 6 in the third and all subsequent rounds.
      • Consider how each of the cards are placed in a clock-shaped configuration. The two identical cards are never placed beside each other.
      • The iPhone/iPad touch screen is capacitive, so it is possible to touch two cards at the same time with two fingers.
      • Shiki has the least powerful fusions. It is more difficult to increase her fusion multiplier than the other partners, and her base multipliers are low.
    • Joshua must order a set of numbered cards from 1 to 3.
      • The number of cards per round are 3, 3, 4, 3, 5, then the cycle repeats.
      • For the rounds with 4 and 5 cards, the extra cards are flipped numbers which should be avoided.
      • Joshua alternates between easy and hard rounds, so he can consistently get a high fusion multiplier without too many errors.
    • Beat must remove suit cards one at a time. The other cards will move inward. If two identical cards are touching each other, they will remove themselves. Multiple sets may be removed this way.
      • There are no rounds in his minigame, so there is no penalty for an error other than lost time.
      • As the fusion multiplier increases, the cards will bobble further up and down.
      • Beat can achieve the highest fusion multipliers, though a bit of luck is needed to do so.
  • Base multipliers have been reduced in order to compensate for the fusion multiplier. To calculate total damage, they are multiplied by the sum of both characters' ATK, then the fusion multiplier, then the difficulty multiplier.
Fusion base multipliers
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3
Shiki 3.2 6.4 9.6
Joshua 2.4 8 24
Beat 4.8 9.6 16

Difficulty Edit

  • Damage multipliers have been changed. Attacks deal more damage to compensate for the lack of the puck.
    • Easy: 3.75
    • Normal: 1.25
    • Hard: 0.9375
    • Ultimate: 0.625

SOS Edit

  • The SOS condition is 0-25% HP instead of 0% of a character's HP bar.
  • Effects that induce SOS remove 75% HP instead of a character's HP bar. This is considered a nerf, as a player now only has 25% HP to work with instead of 50% HP.
  • Squirrel Leisure becomes an unlikely HP recovery pin. It is the only Healing pin that can heal and maintain SOS as long as it is used under 15% HP.

Pins and psychs Edit

  • The fusion pin can no longer instantly activate by pressing on it before a battle begins.
  • Pins can no longer be physically repositioned.
    • Irregular Note pins will still move around. However, they will be reset to the original positions at the start of every battle. Irregular Note is terrible in iOS because you cannot manually surround an enemy with them.
  • All pins that used the mic to activate now require shaking the device to activate. This is a nerf because it is a slower activation method.
  • As the puck no longer exists, Cure Drink and Healing pins will always heal their expected amount of HP unless a Cure Boost pin is in the deck.
  • The Eden set pins (Holy Field) work differently.
    • They no longer work when the set is incomplete.
    • All CC hits by Neku and his partner are blazing.
    • Neku has the equivalent of CC Faster Sync 4 and CC Boost 40. CC hits will deal 330% damage and raise sync rate by 7%!
    • After Neku lands a CC hit, he will have a glowing invincibility shield around him that lasts for 4 seconds. Additional CC hits will refresh the shield.
  • Lightning Arrester has been significantly buffed.
    • Electric Warning deals 3 hits/use instead of 1.
    • Thunder Rook deals 5 hits/use instead of 2.
    • Lightning Rook deals 9 hits/use instead of 4. It is now the most powerful offensive pin in the game, even over the Darklit Planets.
  • All Lightning Bolt pins deal 2 hits/use. This buffs Tin Pin Artist and King Arthur, which only dealt 1 hit/use.
  • Over the Top and Turbo affect the partner.
  • Thunderbolt's programming error has been fixed. Dumping all uses on one target will result in all of them hitting.

Abilities Edit

  • All abilities that affected the combo map, the puck, or fusion stars have been replaced or modified. Below are tables of all the changes.
Ability Changes
Old Ability New Ability
All-around Upgrade 2 Lasting Fusion 2 (see note)
Beat: Air Combo A Beat: Lasting Fusion 3
Beat: Air Combo B/C/D Beat: Drop Kick 1/2/3
Beat: Ground Combo A/B Beat: Lasting Fusion 1/2
Combo Branch +1/+2 Lasting Fusion 1/2
Combo Map Upgrade 1 Lasting Fusion Z
Combo Map Upgrade 2 Sync Charge Z
Combo Panel +1/+2 Sync Charge 1/2
Combo Panel -1 Sync Charge 3
Faster Puck 1/2 CC Faster Sync 1/2
Fusion ★ +1/+2/+3 Sync Start +20%/+40%/+60%
Hold That Puck 1/2/3 Loose CCs 1/2/3
Joshua: Air Combo A/B/C Joshua: Drop Kick 1/2/3
Joshua: Ground Combo A/B/C Joshua: Lasting Fusion 1/2/3
Puck Power 1/2/3 CC Boost 1/2/3
Shiki: Air Combo A/B Shiki: Drop Kick 2/3
Shiki: Ground Combo A/B/C Shiki: Lasting Fusion 1/2/3
Shiki: Ground Combo D Shiki: Drop Kick 1
Show Combo Map Longer Lasting Fusion 3
Slower Puck 1/2 CC Slower Sync 1/2

(All-around Upgrade 2 retains its name, but has the same effect as Lasting Fusion 2.)

New Ability Effects
New Ability Effect
CC Boost All: +5.5% damage/level for CC hits. Unlike Puck Power, this ability will only affect the equipped character.
  • Puck Power, which was the most powerful non-SOS ability in the game, has been nerfed to a former shell of itself. Look at the updated Eden set if you want super powerful CC hits.
CC Faster Sync All: +1.0% sync/level for CC hits. Unlike Faster Puck, this ability will only affect the equipped character.
  • Threads with CC Faster Sync 2 are still gamebreaking when stacked. Fusions will be obtained rapidly, though both characters will need to use three equip slots (Purple Sneaks/Citrus Shorts/Heart Pochette or Biker Gloves) to reach level 6.
CC Slower Sync All: -1.0% sync/level for CC hits. Only affects the equipped character.
Drop Kick Partner: +1 drop rate star/level. This is added after the chain multiplier.
Lasting Fusion Partner: +1 second/level to the fusion timer.
  • Lasting Fusion Z is equivalent to Lasting Fusion 3, but also has CC Slower Sync 1.
Loose CCs All: the timing window of blazing and normal CC hits is more relaxed.
Sync Charge Partner: +0.5% sync/level for both regular and CC hits.
  • Sync Charge 3 is better than CC Faster Sync 1.
  • Sync Charge Z is equivalent to Sync Charge 3, but reduces the fusion timer by 1 second.
Sync Start Partner: boosts starting sync rate by the listed percentage. It will modify the original amount instead of adding the boost. If starting sync rate is 100%, the full boost will be given, but if it is 0%, there will be no boost!
  • It is possible for all partners to begin a battle with a level 2 fusion ready. In the DS version, only Beat could do this.

Food Changes Edit

Battle Dialogue Change Edit

In the Nintendo DS version of The World Ends With You, Characters will say certain quotes after getting the Light Puck. These have been removed in Solo Remix as the Puck is absent. Along with the removal of certain Battle Dialogue, some Battle Dialogue has been added

Quotes Removed Edit

  • "Any Last Words?" Neku
  • "Quit Hoggin'!" Beat
  • "Thanks..." Joshua
  • "This is Nothing..." Joshua
  • "I got this!" Neku
  • "I got it!" Neku
  • "Got it!" Shiki
  • "Yeah!" Shiki
  • "Good One!" Beat
  • "Good One, Man!" Beat
  • "What The Hell?!" Beat
  • "You Alright?" Beat
  • "Watch it!" Neku
  • "Smile!" Joshua
  • "I'm diggin' it!" Beat

Quotes Added Edit

  • "How's My aim?" Joshua
  • "I don't Think so!" Beat
  • "Here it Comes!" Shiki

Draco Cantus Edit

The Boss Fight with Draco Cantus has many differences from the Original Game.

  • The Fusion Attacks are based on the Highest level of the Fusion Level for your partner, instead of just the Level 2 Fusion.
  • Due to the Absence of the Stride Battle Cross System, the game will momentarily pause the fight automatically to show your which partners are to be activated.

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