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Shuto Dan
Age 10
Sex Male
Classification Tin Pin Expert, 5th Grader
Nicknames Shooter
Race Human

Shuto Dan is the main protagonist of Another Day, the extra Tin Pin Story of the game. In design, Shuto is a combination of many of the protagonists from children anime, such as from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bakugan, and BeyBlade.


Shuto Dan is majorly known for his obnoxious, annoying attitude and his consistent naivete. He is strong-willed and brave-hearted. Most ready to jump into anything, he can be a little over-confident, but he's a good sport and shows constant positivity.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In Week 1 Day 6, Makoto tries to give Shuto his pins, but Shuto misinterprets his words and assumes he is interested in Tin Pin. He eventually takes the pin after challenging and winning a Tin Pin match against an unsuspecting Makoto.

In Week 2 Day 2, Shuto runs into Neku at a Tin Pin tournament, and attempts to show Neku how to play. During the tournament, Shuto easily wipes out Neku, but loses due to technical difficulties against Sota after Joshua swapped out Shuto's pins for faulty ones. For the rest of the week, Shuto appears in Stride, ready for a rematch against Neku. He also occasionally appears throughout Shibuya to give memes to Neku.

In Week 3, he is possessed by his O-Pin.

In Another Day, Shuto is one of the victims of the Tin Pin Thievery and pulls together a group of other Slammers that had their pins stolen into a group, known as the Kindred Spirits, to get them back. Leading on his color-coded group, they eventually uncover secrets about the Ramen Shop owner as well as Tin Pin's creator and developer. At the end of the plot, he finally challenges Neku to a Tin Pin match.

If Neku gains a 100% friendship gauge with Banzai Ayanokoji, the shopkeeper of Mind & Body Foods in Shibu Dept. Store, buys something and leaves, Ayanokoji will reveal that his grandson is Shuto.


  • Shuto's name is a pun; his nickname is "Shooter" and his surname, Dan, means "bullet".
  • He particularly looks like Red from the Pokémon series, and they share several similarities:
    • Both are about 10 years old.
    • Red is considered as the best Pokémon trainer in the game, while Shuto is the best official Tin Pin Player.
    • Shuto is one of the rare players to use 6 pins, while Red is one of the rare trainers to use 6 Pokémon.
    • Ironically Red is known to be a silent character (not speaking at all), whereas Shuto is extremely loud and talkative.
    • Coincidentally, when Shuto assigns codenames to each member of the Kindred Spirits, his chosen name is the "Red Spirit", or "Red" for short.


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