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Above is Crafting Starter KitBelow is Sea-Urchin Rice Balls

Sea-Urchin Rice Balls is a Food Item only available in The World Ends With You Solo Remix, and you must pay actual money for the item.File:Item UNKNOWN.png

Name Sea-Urchin Rice Balls
Description NA
Effects Goes down in 1 bytes. Eat this to boost your sync rate roughly NA
"NA" is not a number.

Once you digest it by fighting battles, your DEF, ATK, BRV will increase by +10.

Like/Dislike Levels
  • Neku: ?
    "?" is not a number.
  • Shiki: ?
    "?" is not a number.
  • Joshua: ?
    "?" is not a number.
  • Beat: ?
    "?" is not a number.
Sold by
  • Coco Atarashi for 85 Yen
  • Coco Atarashi for $0.99

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