SOS, also known as mortal peril, is a character condition that occurs when that character has 0 HP in his or her portion of the HP bar. Any damage taken while in SOS will deplete the HP of the other character.


In most cases, SOS is an undesirable condition. However, there is a strategy that deliberately induces SOS to increase one of the character's stats, usually Neku, beyond normal means. There are two ways to achieve this for Neku:

Note that Tin Pin Thrift can only cut Neku's HP. To induce SOS on a partner, that partner must wear one of the above three threads.

It is possible to induce SOS for both characters. Game over will only occur if total HP is below 0.


In exchange for SOS, the afflicted character is gifted with some of the most powerful abilities in the game:

  • SOS ATK Boost 1: +20% ATK
  • Sacrifice: +30% ATK, +20% EXP (affects both Neku and his partner as long as they are in SOS)
  • SOS ATK Boost 2: +50% ATK
  • SOS DEF Boost 1: +20% DEF
  • SOS DEF Boost 2: +50% DEF
  • SOS Power Up 1: +10% ATK, +10% DEF
  • SOS Power Up 2: +15% ATK, +15% DEF
  • SOS Null Damage: 30% chance of nullifying any attack

ATK boosts are applied after final ATK (base ATK + pin ATK) is calculated, making these boosts much more potent than Resonance or trend boosts. Stacking SOS boosts result in the final boost to be the sum of all individual boosts. Check Damage for more details.


SOS threads, along with Tin Pin Thrift, are first available on week 2, day 5. BOY and LASS are the two maingame configurations, while the others are only available during the postgame.

BRV Off, Yo! [BOY]Edit

This setup is available on week 2, day 5. Neku requires only 45 BRV for the initial setup, so it is not required to spend lots of money on multiple BRAVE+.

In addition, the low BRV requirement makes BOY practical to equip on Beat, should the player choose to do so. This isn't as absurd as it seems: Beat's air panels and finisher have 200% and 400% efficiency, respectively. Goth Bondage Coat induces SOS. King Pendant, normally too costly to be worthwhile compared to D+B Ring, is less expensive because buying Camouflage is part of unlocking King Pendant. Neku must use a Healing or Cure Drink pin immediately when the battle starts, raising HP above 0 and passing the puck to Beat. Given 10 base ATK and normal difficulty, Beat will then deal 162 damage per air panel, and a whopping 810 damage air finisher with a 2.5X puck.

  • Patchy Biker Jacket (High ATK) [Purchasing instructions here; better than Black Raglan Tee]
  • Camouflage - W2D4 @104 Building/Wild Boar 104: FSG Lv.3 [¥8000; buying order @Lv.1: buy New York; @Lv.2: Neku: buy Camouflage; BOY Beat: buy New York; @Lv.3: BOY Beat: buy Camouflage] (SOS ATK Boost 1)
  • Sun Emperor - W2D5 @Shibukyu Main Store/Dragon Couture: FSG Lv.4 [¥50000; buying order @Lv.1: buy One Stone, Many Birds and Vernal Equinox; @Lv.2: repeat Lv.1 purchases; @Lv.3: buy Autumn Dragon] (SOS Power Up 2)
    • BOY Beat: King Pendant - W3D2 @Wild Boar 104: FSG Lv.5 [From Camouflage: @Lv.4: Buy Wild Boar Pendant] (High ATK) [Requires 6x Rare Metal and 3x Sparkling Silver. To obtain one Sparkling Silver for a fraction of the ¥10800 asking price, complete a string of reaper side missions. W1D5: Unlock Molco for Crimson Chili. (Instructions at Footwear: Purple Sneaks) W1D7: Buy Funky Shades @Shibukyu Stationside/KuraKura, then go to Scramble Crossing and talk to the reaper guarding 104 for Choice Meat. Talk to the reaper guarding Center St. Entrance.(Answers are Yuu Narumi, Slash Neku, and Hip Snake) Then go to Spain Hill/Mexican Dog via Center St. Entrance, buy 4x Cola/OJ to raise FSG to Lv.3, and trade for Definitivo Chili Dog. W2D3: Talk to the reaper @Molco (west of the Molco building) for Sparkling Silver.]

Lapin Angelique Suicide Special [LASS]Edit

The more powerful feminine setup requires Neku to have 152 BRV. See LASS for more details.

Standard SOS (postgame)Edit

This is primarily used for time attacking. Here is the recommended Standard SOS setup for Neku, granting him an equipped ATK of 204, given 100 base ATK:

Vampire Dress and Black Book Bag are the two threads with SOS ATK Boost 2. Your Cap and Pi-Face's Jeans have the highest ATK, excluding the slots that have already been filled. Hard damage with Excalibur under Resonance would be [(204 + (170 x 1.2)] x 2.3 x .50 x .61 = ~286. This is more than double of what the best possible regular setup is able to deal. See Lightning Arrester for a graph.

SOS 2.7 (postgame)Edit

This specialized setup is better than Standard SOS for a few pins. All SOS ATK boost threads are equipped on Neku, causing the SOS multiplier to reach 2.7, the maximum possible:

Neku has an equipped ATK of 145, given 100 base ATK. As a result, Standard SOS will deal more damage than SOS 2.7 unless (pATK*R*T)>194. This can happen with trends and/or Resonance, or by using the three pins with >194 ATK: Dope Line, Big Bang/Crunch, and Anguis. Check damage for details.

Cosmic SOS (postgame)Edit

Neku has an equipped ATK of 201, given 100 base ATK. The deck lacks Tin Pin Thrift due to the Darklit Planets requiring all six pin slots. Therefore, Goth Bondage Coat is used to invoke SOS. With a triple efficiency multiplier, this is the most powerful all-around setup for Neku in the postgame. Maximum final ATK under Cosmic SOS is (201 + 60) x 2.0 = 522, which is ~70% higher than the maximum of 246 + 60 = 306 under a regular setup.