Reapers are a type of Noise in The World Ends With You and -Solo Remix-. They attack by using various projectiles. They can be found during the third week when switching from one area to another.

The reaper family occupies entries 77-79 in the Noise Report.

Noise 77 Noise #77 - Tenor Reaper

Noise 78 Noise #78 - Baritone Reaper

Noise 79 Noise #79 - Bass Reaper

Strategy Edit

Nearly all of the Reapers use a blast of energy that does minimal damage. They have a shadow in the other zone that can transition between the two zones freely. Keep in mind they take bonus damage from positive psyches. Regular reapers move away from Neku when he approaches them, so this can be used to your advantage to corner them.

Bottom ZoneEdit

Top ZoneEdit

Notable Drops Edit

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