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Pteropus Canor

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Pteropus Canor
Noise 89
Pteropus Canor's sprite
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Hit Points 4000
Attack 500
PP 40
EXP Gained 0
Found Concert Stage
Date(s) Encountered Boss - Week 3: Day 2
Blue Noise - Week 3: Day 3
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Righty Cat (1.30%)
H - Pteropus (5.00%)
N - 10,000 Yen (20.00%)
E - 10,000 Yen (10.00%)
"More powerful than Vespertilio, but cursed with the same weakness. Light it up and strike!"
— Noise Report

Pteropus Canor is a Boss Noise found in Week Three of The World Ends with You.

Abilities Edit

  • Dark Immortality: If there are any Happycore Bat perched in the wires in the Top-screen, the stage lighting's power will be drained leaving the Bottom-screen stage in darkness. While shrouded in darkness, Pteropus is invulnerable to attack. Erasing the Happycore Bats perched in a nest of wires will restore power to that lighting set. With one set of lights powered on, Pteropus will be vulnerable. With both sets of lights powered on, Pteropus will fall to the ground paralyzed and take double damage.
  • Piercing Wing: Pteropus can attack on the Bottom-screen by slicing the ground with its wings. While the attack is relatively well telegraphed and only deals a moderate amount of damage, it affects a surprising large area of the bottom screen. When both lights are off, this is the only attack Pteropus will use on the Bottom-screen.
  • Sonar: Sometimes it will hang on the ceiling and start using a sonar represented by green circles that will approach Neku and stun him.
  • Double Shuriken: After 75% of it's HP Gauge has been depleted, Pteropus Canor will start firing two giant shurikens from one side of the room that will cycle forward and then backward similarly to a boomerang.
  • Wing Slash: It will quickly slash at Neku to injure him with its long wing. A rare attack that is not usually used. It will also start using it after 75% of it's HP Gauge has been depleted.
  • Golden Bat: In very rare occasions Pteropus Canor will transform into a Golden Bat, its true from.
  • Screen Change: When the Golden Bat form is being used, all abilities will be lost, however it can now change screen extremely quickly.

Strategy Edit

Beat should attempt to erase all of the Happycore Bats gnawing at the wires on the top screen while Neku should dash around the bottom screen, attempting to avoid Pteropus Canor's attacks. When Beat defeats all of the Happycore Bats on one side of the screen, half of the lights will turn back on; when he defeats them on both sides, the stage's entire lights will be turned on, stunning Pteropus Canor and making it vulnerable to double damage. It should be noted Pteropus Canor can still be attacked when the lights are half on; however, it will still be active and attempt to attack Neku and only receives standard damage. When the stage's lights are on Neku should attack Pteropus Canor; however, more Happycore Bats will come and continue to chew on the
Pteropus canor-golden bat

Pteropus Canor's Golden Bat form

top screen's wires and the process must be repeated. When Pteropus Canor has only 25% of its health left, it will start to use its Double Shuriken attack, launching two giant shurikens from one side of the screen to the other. Because these do very large amounts of damage Neku should do his best to avoid them. It should also be noted that on very rare occasions Pteropus Canor will transform into the Golden Bat, its true form; in this form it cannot attack but can rapidly change screens.

Gallery Edit

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