Sanae Hanekoma, the Producer.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Producer (プロデューサー Purodyūsā?) is an Angel chosen to watch over the Reapers' Game and to make reports on it. The Producer also serves as a sort of guardian of the Game, traveling around Shibuya and making sure both Reapers and Players play by the rules set by the Composer.

Beyond that, not much else is known about the role the Producer plays in the Underground. However, many signs point towards the fact that the Producer will be more present in the future. For example, after the alternate Neku defeats Sanae Hanekoma at the top of Pork City, Hanekoma says "You said you wanted to help me? Heh, that day may come sooner than either of us expect". Considering the fact that the Producer is about on the same level of power as the Composer, the problem that Mr. H needs the alternate Neku's help with will most likely be massive and threatening to the Underground and possibly Higher Plane.


The Producer's power is on the same tier as the Composer (if not a higher tier). The Producer wields immense strength in the Underground despite having to limit his power by "tuning down" his frequency to the travel to the Underground (see Secret Reports). One could only imagine his strength while in his homeworld of the Higher Plane.

  • Can travel between the Realground, Underground, Noise Realm, and Higher Plane (and also alternate realities as seen in Another Day).
  • Can communicate with the Composer.
  • Can communicate with the Angels.
  • Incredible strength. i.e. after the battle on top of Pork City, Neku was left panting and out of energy while the Producer didn't have a scratch on him.
  • Access to advanced (or magical) technology, for example upgrading Joshua's phone to take pictures of the past.

Achieving the RankEdit

Similar to the Conductor, no information is given to how one receives the rank of Producer. It's assumed that the Angels as a whole select someone among themselves to become the Producer. This is not a proven fact, however, and shouldn't be relied upon as one.

Relationship With the ReapersEdit

The Producer cannot reveal his identity to anyone besides the Composer. Due to this rule, the Producer is not allowed to have relationships with Reapers or Players as the Producer. However, the Producer is allowed to communicate and give information (to an extent) to both Players and Reapers as long as he keeps his position of Producer a secret.

Relationship With Other AngelsEdit

Because the Producer himself is an Angel, it is assumed that he is on good terms with all of the other Angels. According to the Secret Reports, however, Sanae Hanekoma is a Fallen Angel, which he states carries with it a severe stigma. He avoids contact with the version of himself native to the world of Another Day when he goes to retrieve the Composer, believing that he would be reported for his actions. The term "Fallen Angel" is a direct reference to the biblical tradition of angels who rebelled against God, siding with Lucifer (Satan), and some interpretations of biblical text depict Fallen Angels as demons following their defeat.  Hanekoma welcomes the label, though, believing darkness to be the husband to light and seeing his back-up plan to save Shibuya as a sort of necessary precaution.

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