Pork City is a location in The World Ends with You. It is an area accessible only during Week 2 Day 7, and Another Day.

In Week 2 Day 7, the player goes there for the first time in a mission ordered by Megumi Kitaniji. When you fight the Noise, Neku is unable to escape from the encounters, even though he doesn't fight Taboo Noise. He can only access two floors the first time he goes there, but in Another Day, the player has to go through thirteen floors. On each floor, except for the roof, only Pins of a certain Brand will work, while unbranded pins work on every floor.

During fights on certain floors, the player will see a grayscale version of certain districts in the top screen of the DS. For example, during battles on the first floor, where Mus Rattus is the only accepted brand, the player will see Tipsy Tose Hall. This suggests that Mus Rattus is usually the most popular brand there.

Joshua also mentions that it would be a great place to hide for a Reaper as social negativity constantly builds up.

Pork City Another DayEdit

Floor 1 - 13Edit

Every floor in Pork City consists of six Red Noise Symbols. After erasing all of them, a Pig Noise symbol appears at the center of the floor-space (two on the 13th floor), which you have to erase too. Once done with erasing every single Noise on the floor, you can finally talk to the reaper on the left side of the screen who will allow you to continue to the next floor while giving you a food item.

Brand RestrictionsEdit

General StrategyEdit

Due to the different brand restrictions in Pork City it mostly would be wise to use a deck consisting of unbranded pins which work on every floor. Fortunately two pins with the powerful Flame Blast psych (area damage + 74 % efficiency) - Drake and Tin Pin Sunscorch - don't have a brand. Drake is much more powerful, due to its Angel Class you can only use one though. Tin Pin Sunscorch is B-class, so theoretically you could use two of them additionally, but one Drake alongside of a Tin Pin Sunscorch are sufficient - Their low reboot times make it possible to infinitely use one up after the other. If done correctly (use Sub-slot to force this) the first will have reloaded again after the second got depleted.

One, or if possible two of the unbranded Vortex Saber pins Tin Pin Blade, which have an excellent efficiency of 100 %, are useful against the Noise Brassbanfrog (and especially its bubbles) which absorbs attacks from negative (long-ranged) psychs like Flame Blast and multiply appears in nearly every noise symbol in Pork City. Vortex Saber Pins also have very low reboot times. Pretty much like with Flame Blast it's possible - with the correct pin management - to infinitely use one up after the other. After one is emptied the second Tin Pin Blade will already have reloaded again.

Because of their high efficiency and low reboot times, having these four pins in your deck usually is sufficient to get through Pork City. If you have acquired the additional pin slots yet, you e.g. can use them for Pin Evolution/mastery.

As for the fights, always try to deal with the brassbanfrogs last. Like all frog noise it moves around the screen a lot, so if you harm it in the beginning of a fight it's highly likely it is going to regain health again when you attack another enemy with a negative psych like Flame Blast.

Floor SpecificsEdit

Still, on floors featuring strong or preferred brands, you can of course use your favored pins instead of the unbranded ones. Just keep in mind to maintain a balanced deck with enough positive (or neutral) psych power that is able to take care of the brassbanfrog.

9th floor (Dragon Couture)Edit

On the Dragon Couture floor (No. 9) for instance it's possible to replace your Tin Pin Sunscorch Pin (TPS) with its stronger flame blast counterpart Blue Blood Burns Blue (BBBB) (while keeping Drake). This is a double-edged sword though - While BBBB has a higher damage-output it is outclassed by TPS in terms of limit and reboot time. The 7 seconds reboot time of BBBB make it impossible to infinitely cast flames, thus forcing you into situations while both Flame Blast Gauges will be in a state of reloading.

It's possible to circumvent this by using two BBBB alongside of a Drake (use Sub-Slot again to ensure organized pin depletion). Adding Pin 165 - the Dragon Couture Resonance Pin - makes this a very powerful offensive Deck with a high damage output against every Pork City Noise but the brassbanfrog. Preferably two additional pins with positive or neutral psychs are still needed to be able to deal with the latter, so having the 5th and 6th pin slot already available is highly recommended for this setting.

If you feel comfortable with the Dragon Couture Psychokinesis Pins you could use them instead of the otherwise recommended Vortex Saber Pins. Due to being activated by (at least) two tapping commands (first the object, then empty space) they are harder to control than other Psychokinesis Pins. But if you feel comfortable with them you get rewarded with low reboot times, a whopping efficiency of 230 % and a neutral psych that heavily harms every enemy regardless of its (positive/negative) resistances. Out of the three DC Psychokinesis Pins Local Fire, Distant Sea has the highest damage output. Note: If you use these pins, make sure to wear at least one of the three Threads which make obstacles on the battlefield more durable, in order to prevent them from vanishing before you have eliminated all brassbanfrogs. See Dragon Lady, Simple Mules and/or Ninja Garb for further details.

12th floor (Tigre Punks)Edit

On the Tigre Punks floor (No. 12) it's generally a good idea to replace your Tin Pin Blade(s) with the stronger Vortex Saber Pins Lightning Anger or even better, its Battle PP evolution Lightning Rage.


On the roof you meet Sanae Hanekoma and after a dialog between him and Neku you have to fight against the ultimate enemy, Panthera Cantus. In this encounter all brand restrictions are lifted and you can go back to your main deck again. Note that it is necessary to do that before you enter the roof, because it's not possible to access your menu once you have gone up.

For strategy tips on how to defeat Panthera Cantus see Noise 96.

The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-Edit

In The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- you can erase brassbanfrogs (and get through Pork City as a whole) relatively easy by choosing Beat as your Partner and combining him with the Flame Blast pins. Both get activated simultaneously by using the press command which automatically leads to a powerful Cross Combo series even the brassbanfrog can't absorb. Here, the Vortex Saber Pins are only needed when the Beat Gauge is reloading. This strategy also works well against the Pork City Pig Noise. Moving pigs get stunned by the cross combos and are unable to run off the screen while taking constant damage from the attacks. This even works if there's a pin symbol over the pig suggesting only this certain pin could be used to erase it, because Beats Cross Combo attacks will still deal constant damage.

Pork City in Real LifeEdit

Pork City is known as "Mark City" in the real life, and is a building that was meant to attract young women with a half-office building and half-hotel setting.

In truth, Mark City is also connected, or at least is just as close, to the West Bus Terminal. But, as the location is a pivotal plot location, Pork City may have been restricted from access from the Terminal.

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