This is the list of all the polls ever conducted on this wiki. If you want, you can even vote on them, but usually they refer to decisions that were already made.

Please propose any new polls you'd like to see and discuss results so far in the talk page.

Purchase Poll Edit

Where did you buy your copy?

The poll was created at 18:08 on May 16, 2008, and so far 938 people voted.
  • If you borrowed the game from a friend, rented it, etc, please choose Did not buy yet
  • If you bought a used copy, choose Used copy, regardless of whether it's retail, online, or import
  • If you got your copy as a gift, make the best guess about how it was purchased
  • If you got your copy in any unusual way, tell us here
  • Previous polls can be viewed, and new polls proposed here

As of 23 May 2008 07:17 UTC, the results are:

  • Retail store: 477 (65%)
  • Online (own region): 67 (9%)
  • Online (import): 35 (4%)
  • Used: 12 (1%)
  • Did not buy yet: 132 (18%)
  • Total: 723 votes in the 6 1/2 days the poll was up

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Logo Poll Edit

Is in this separate page, due to the large number of images.

Pin List (with or without thumbnails) Edit

The navigation bar links to two pin lists: with & without icons. We want to leave only one link (the other one will remain linked from the main page.) Please help us decide. Discuss here.

Which pin list do you use the most:

The poll was created at 22:49 on May 6, 2008, and so far 680 people voted.

The poll was started on 06 May 2008 22:49:58 UTC. It was archived on 11 May 2008 06:19 UTC. By then, the results were:

  • with thumbnails - 484 (86%)
  • without thumbnails - 43 (7%)
  • both - 31 (5%)
  • total votes: 558 (yay, more than 500 unique visitors to the wiki in just over 4 days!)

Decision was made to leave just the graphic version on the navigation bar. The text-only version version is still available, and is linked from the main page.

The good news is that we changed the icons from ~1400 bytes each to ~500 bytes each, without any quality loss! So hopefully even people on slow connections will not mind too much.