The Peach Turtleneck (ネックセーター Nekku Sētā?) is a set of threads in The World Ends with You.Item 009

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 009
Name Peach Turtleneck
Brand Mus Rattus
ATK bonus +1
DEF bonus ---
HP bonus +3
BRV required 10
Info Threads slot: Top

Description: Mid-length sleeves make this turtleneck a bit awkward in any weather. Hot or cold, you'll just have to suffer for fashion.

Ability Name: AbipsycheFaster Puck I

Effective when equipped by: All

Description: Makes the light puck travel more quickly.

How to get Sold by:
  • Mus Rattus I - 104 for ¥780
  • Mus Rattus II - Molco for ¥780
  • Mus Rattus IV - Shibukyu Main Store for ¥780
  • Shibu-Q Heads 3F - Shibu-Q Heads for ¥780

Secret report event:

Ability unlocked at: Mus Rattus I - 104 (FSG Lvl 1)


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