Obstacles, as its name states, is any item on the battlefield that isn't stationary. This includes traffic cones, cars and other objects. Such objects can obstruct the movement of both the player and Noise. Obstacles can also be used by both the player and Noise in battle depending on what pins or abilities, respectively, they have in store. Effectively, the larger an obstacle is when used by the player or Noise, the greater the damage inflicted.

List of ObstaclesEdit

The following is a list of obstacles, from the lightest/smallest to the heaviest/largest. Some obstacles are only found uniquely, such as through Joshua's basic combo (such obstacles will be italicized).

  • Traffic cones
  • Traffic fencing
  • Bicycle
  • Moped (Motor Scooter)
  • Refrigerator
  • Vending machine
  • Car (SUV, minivan, sedan, pickup truck)
  • Wooden sign
  • Motorcycle
  • Bus (Only usable by Cornix Canor)

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