Objectives are set by reapers on the city map. When an objective is met, the reaper rewards the player with one or more of the following.

  • Pins (pre-mastered)
  • Yen Pins (mastered)
  • Food
  • Swag items
  • Opening of a wall that blocked a connection between districts

Some of the various challenges include:

  • Defeating a certain number of Noise symbols
  • Defeating a certain type of Noise
  • Completing a chain battle
  • Making a brand number 1 on the list
  • Taking a Reaper Review, a series of three questions over a subject which the player can go to inspect if they do not pass
  • Retrieving an item
  • Wearing clothing all of one brand

Also the Game Master normally sets one mission per day, with an objective all the players must seek to complete. Most of these objectives are timed, but the game doesn't actually time you for these missions. Take as long as you'd like in real-time to finish these objectives.

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