The 96 different species of Noise that appear in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix- do not all have unique sprites. Many species can be grouped together in Noise Families that share behavior and abilities in battle but vary in coloring, statistics, and specific abilities. The Noise Report automatically groups species of the same family together, leaving spaces for unencountered Noise. Generally, Noise that occupy later entries in the Noise Report are more powerful and have access to a wider range of attacks than their earlier-occuring family members.


Noise Families
Elephant Noise Symbol
Frog NoiseSprog NoiseWolf NoiseGrizzly NoiseBat NoiseMink NoiseShrew NoisePopguin NoiseJelly NoiseCorehog NoiseBoomer NoiseFox NoiseDrake NoiseRhino NoiseCarcin NoiseRaven NoiseShark NoiseWoolly NoisePig NoiseReaper Noise

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