Anguis Cantus
Noise 94
Anguis Cantus's sprite
← #93 #94 #95 →
Hit Points 10000
Attack 100
PP 125
EXP Gained 0
Found Rubicon (Blue Noise)
Room of Reckoning (Boss)
(Another Day) Room of Reckoning (time attack)
Date(s) Encountered Week 3 - Day 7
Alternate Form of Megumi Kitaniji
Race Reaper
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Hushed as the Wood*
H - Anguis*
N - Hip Snake*
E - Hip Snake*

Anguis Cantus (アングイスカンタス Anguisu Kantasu?, Latin for "singing snake") is the penultimate boss, faced just before Draco Cantus. Both are forms taken on by Megumi Kitaniji, the Conductor.


  • Vulnerable Body: During this fight, parts of Anguis Cantus' body will be vulnerable to Neku and his partner. Its body will be vulnerable at times to Neku at the corners of the bottom screen. When Anguis Cantus' head is in the bottom screen, its body will be vulnerable to Neku's partner.
  • Bubble Trap: Occasionally, the head of Anguis Cantus will send out a bubble into the bottom screen, which lasts for ~10 seconds, homing towards Neku. If Neku is caught by it, he'll be brought to the top-center of the screen, where Anguis Cantus will use Fang Overbite. Neku can escape by damaging the bubble enough.
  • Fang Overbite: Anguis Cantus can use this either in the top or bottom. In the top, Anguis Cantus will just snap at Neku's partner. In the bottom, Anguis will stick his head from the top of the bottom screen, then snap downward with a harsh bite that knocks Neku back if he doesn't avoid it.
  • Gazer: An ability Anguis Cantus only uses in the top screen, Anguis Cantus will fire lasers from his eyes to inflict damage.


This battle is not too difficult, with Kitanji making few attacks at Neku or his partner, the main attack is an easily avoided head smash which does not inflict much damage. This battle is also noteworthy for having Neku fight with two parters: Shiki and Beat, with Shiki working with Neku in the first round and Beat in the second. Despite the multiple rounds this does not count as a multiple round battle but instead as one boss battle.

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