Megumi Kitaniji
Noise 87
Megumi Kitaniji's sprite
← #86 #87 #88 →
Hit Points 10000
Attack 100
PP 200
EXP Gained 0
Found Scramble Crossing*
Dead God's Pad*
Date(s) Encountered Week 1: Day 4
Week 3: Day 7
Race Reaper
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Black Uranus*
H - Me Time is Free Time*
N - Mitama*
E - Mitama*

"The Conductor and leader of the Reapers, able to stop time and terminate foes instantly."
— Noise Report

Megumi Kitaniji is a boss in The World Ends with You.


As Conductor, Kitaniji has an array of attacks at his fingertips. In his Reaper form, he will try and keep his distance from Neku and attack at range. He can fire an immense spiral of energy projectiles similar to the ones Minamimoto uses, and can also create orbs with the Reaper emblem on them which can also fire on Neku. In addition, he traces out a red line across the stage which acts as a path for a small, but very powerful laser. If Neku attacks Kitaniji at close range, he yells "Submit!" and projects a bizarre red snake-like shape from his arm.

This attack is very powerful, and has a fairly long reach; Neku should avoid this attack by dashing behind Kitaniji. The Conductor's final, and most impressive skill is his ability to stop time- he says "Time be still." Once Neku is frozen in time, Kitaniji darts away to perform his ranged attacks, before coming in close to use his biting attack. Neku must quickly dash away once the time freeze ends.

Despite his impressive power, Kitaniji is lacking in the speed department. He cannot teleport like Minamimoto can and moves only as fast as a regular Reaper. In addition, he is vulnerable to juggling psychs such as Piercing Pillar and Vulcan Uppercut, which will cancel all of his attacks without fail.


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