Sho Minamimoto
Noise 85
Sho Minamimoto's sprite
← #84 #85 #86 →
Hit Points 3141
Attack 100
PP 50
EXP Gained 0
Found Shibukyu Main Store (district)*
Pork City*
Date(s) Encountered Week 2: Day 7
Alternate Form of Leo Cantus
Race Reaper
Resistance 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin Drops U - Fierce as the Flame*
H - Leo*
N - Go 2 Hell*
E - Wonder Magnum*

"Reaper officer and twisted genius, Minamimoto summons forth Taboo Noise to fight for him!"
— Noise Report

Sho Minamimoto is a boss in The World Ends with You.


  • Inverse Matrix: Sho's first move in the Boss Fight that allows him to summon Black Noise to attack the Players.
  • Zetta Slow: A Variation of Teleporting.
  • Effectorial: Sho fires an energy blast out of his hand which divide into 8 similar blasts around the screen.
  • Sine / Cosine / Tangent: Movements that can deal heavy damage to a Player.
  • Infinity: A Variation of the Effectorial where it spreads in a Circular Formation quickly, however there is a second variation that only fires very minimal in a single direction.
  • Transform: Transforms into Leo Cantus or into Reaper Form.
  • So Zetta Slow!!: A Variation of Zetta Slow as Leo Cantus where after teleporting or before teleporting he can attack the player.
  • Infinity!!: A Darker inversion used by Leo Cantus where the screen he's on glitches slightly before picking up the Player and slamming him/her down.
  • Level i Flare: Sho's finishing move that erases players without fail. It is not done within the boss fight itself.


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