Baritone Reaper
Baritone Reaper's sprite
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Hit points 1,111
Attack 110
PP reward 5
EXP reward 200
Habitat(s) Random encounter when changing location
Day(s) Week 3: Day 5
Resistances 100% Positive

100% Negative

Pin drops U - Angel Magnum*
H - 10,000 Yen*
N - Bear Hug Magnum*
E - 5,000 Yen*
"This reaper commando and his shadow each have different weaknesses. Watch out, Players!"
— Noise Report

Baritone Reaper is a Reaper Noise in The World Ends with You.




Baritone Reaper's name is a reference to baritone, a male singing voice whose range is between a tenor and a bass.

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