Pig Mazurka
Noise 76
Pig Mazurka's sprite
← #75 #76 #77 →
Hit points 3000
Attack 100
PP reward 50
EXP reward 0
Day(s) Another Day*
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Reward Another Day - Pig

"Think you're lucky enough to find one of these? Ha! When pigs fly... Wait, what? You already did?"
— Noise Report

Pig Mazurka is a purple, gold-crowned Pig Noise in The World Ends with You.

Pig Noise will always drop a pin when erased. The type of pin varies with pig location, but not difficulty. Pig Noise will not produce an entry in the Noise report until encountered in Pork City during Another Day.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight, not Fight: Pigs make no attempts to attack the players, and run straight for the edge of the zone instead. If they make out of the zone, the fight will be ended and the players will not collect any exp, pins or pin points.
  • Fusion Immunity*: Pigs take no damage from Fusion Attacks.
  • Noisy Minions: This pig is found with other hostile Noise. Don't be distracted by them or Mazurka will slip out of the battle unnoticed.

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