Pig Butoh
Noise 75
Pig Butoh's sprite
← #74 #75 #76 →
Hit points 5000
Attack 500
PP reward 25
EXP reward 0
Day(s) Another Day*
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Reward Another Day - Gatito

"This little piggy shows up ready to kick tail. Stay on your toes or risk getting slaughtered!"
— Noise Report

Pig Butoh is a light-purple, gold-horned Pig Noise in The World Ends with You.

Pig Noise will always drop a pin when erased. The type of pin varies with pig location, but not difficulty. Pig Noise will not produce an entry in the Noise report until encountered in Pork City during Another Day.

Abilities Edit

  • Fusion Immunity*: Pigs take no damage from Fusion Attacks.
  • Headbutt: This pig is the exception to the pig pacifism rule. It will attack players for a sizable amounts of damage.

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