Pachy R & R
Pachy R & R's Sprite
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Hit points 5000
Attack 135
PP reward 6
EXP reward 400
Habitat(s) A-East, Shibukyu Main Store, AMX.
Day(s) Week 3, Day 5
Resistances 100% Positive

100% Negative

Pin drops U - Woolly (0.50%)
H - Cosmic Pull (5.00%)
N - Tektite (15.00%)
E - 5,000 Yen (20.00%)
"A Noise of elephantine proportions. Even psychokinesis can't lift these mammoths!"
— Noise description.

The Pachy R & R is a form of Woolly Noise in The World Ends with You.


  • Stomp to My Beat: Pachy R & R will frequently stomp to create shockwaves on the ground. Every time this shockwave moves, it shakes the ground, stunning Neku and his partner regardless if they are hit by it.
  • Trunk Slam: Whenever Neku or his partner attacks Pachy R & R too repetitively, it will swing its trunk, knocking Neku or his partner back and inflicting large amounts of damage.
  • Amassed Body: Pachy R & R, with its large body mass, has an impressive amount of health than normal Noise. This also makes it impervious to being lifted by Psychokinesis.

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