Noise 59
Easterraven Sprite
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Hit points 720
Attack 150
PP reward 3
EXP reward 80
Habitat(s) West Exit Bus Terminal
Center St. Entrance
Day(s) Week 2: Day 4
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin drops U - Adamantite*
H - Tektite*
N - Rare Metal*
E - Sexy +*

Easterraven is a Raven Noise in The World Ends with You and -Solo Remix-.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Ravenous Flight: Easterraven is capable of flight. Its movement ignores obstacles and also certain ground-based pin attacks.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Rogue's Dive: Easterraven will take a sweep towards the ground, inflicting damage to the player or his partner if they are in the way. Also, unlike Decadraven's Dive, the Easterraven's Rogue's Dive will also steal a random pin if the Noise successfully crashes into Neku, rendering that pin unusable until the thief of the pin is erased. Only one pin can be taken at a time. During the duration of Rogue's Dive, the ground-based pin immunity provided by Ravenous Flight is nulled.

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