2-step Boomer
Noise 40
2-step Boomer's sprite
← #39 #40 #41 →
Hit points 1970
Attack 173
PP reward 6
EXP reward 210
Habitat(s) Scramble Crossing*
Statue of Hachiko*
104 Building*
West Exit Bus Terminal*
Shibukyu Main Store*
Shibu Dept. Store*
Cadoi City*
Towa Records*
Tipsy Tose Hall*
Spain Hill*
Center St. Entrance*
Miyashita Park*
Cat Street*
Shibu-Q Heads*
Udagawa Back Streets*
Pork City*
Day(s) Week 3: Days 5-7
Another Day
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin drops U - Orichalcum*
H - Boomer*
N - Fly Line*
E - Peace Full*

"This kangaroo carries a baby in its pouch... and that joey packs quite a punch!"
— Noise Report

The 2-step Boomer is a boomer Noise in The World Ends with You and The World Ends with You -Solo Remix- that has a purple body with aqua tattoos for both its hind legs and for the joey sticking out of its pouch.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

2-step Boomer has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Marsupial Charge: The 2-step Boomer, using its tail for balance, leans backwards with both hind legs raised in front of it. It then charges forward in a straight line, damaging the player if he or she gets in the way.
  • Rocket Bound: The 2-step Boomer jumps straight upwards, disappearing off the screen. A crosshair then appears on the ground underneath where the player is standing, and will follow the player for a brief moment. The crosshair will quickly settle, only for the 2-step Boomer to come down feet first at that location, dealing damage if the player has not been quick enough to dodge it. Unlike the Jungle Boomer's Rocket Jump, Rocket Bound allows the 2-step Boomer to jump again immediately after landing. This can be chained into multiple jumps, up to 2 times altogether.
  • Joey Uppercut: The 2-step Boomer uses the joey in its pouch to perform an uppercut on the player.


The player should keep moving and blocking to avoid its attacks. Once the boomer Noise jumps into the air, the player should dash until the crosshair stops at a far enough away location. However, caution is advised since the 2-step Boomer can chain multiple jumps together.

Other appearancesEdit

Week 3: Day 4Edit

Week 3: Day 7Edit

  • Sometimes alongside Bass Reaper during screen transitions - various locations


The Jungle Boomer's name is a play on "2-step garage" (a genre of electronic dance music) and "boomer" (an Australian term for an adult male kangaroo).

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