Classi Corehog
Noise 36
Classi Corehog's sprite
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Hit points 1760
Attack 530
PP reward 6
EXP reward 210
Habitat(s) Scramble Crossing*
Statue of Hachiko*
104 Building*
West Exit Bus Terminal*
Shibu Dept. Store*
Towa Records*
Tipsy Tose Hall*
Spain Hill*
Center St. Entrance*
Miyashita Park*
Cat Street*
Shibu-Q Heads*
Udagawa Back Streets*
Pork City*
Day(s) Week 3: Days 6 & 7
Another Day
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin drops U - Corehog*
H - 10,000 Yen*
N - 5,000 Yen*
E - Rare Metal*

"Marked in slate blue and green, these 'hogs launch quills at Neku with sniper precision!"
— Noise Report

The Classi Corehog is a grey-blue corehog Noise with grey-green and blue quills in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Classi Corehog has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Explosive Quills: The Classi Corehog fires its quills into the air, which land at the player's location; a crosshair will appear on the ground to indicate where exactly. Although the quills will not initially do any damage, after flashing a few time they explode, damaging the player. Neku can easily dash away from the quills to avoid this, but his partner (excluding Joshua, who can avoid them with his levitation ability) must attack and destroy them to avoid being damaged.
  • Quill Wall: The Classi Corehog turns its back to the player then expands its quills, causing damage upon contact.


Since the Classi Corehog doesn't move around very much, the player should keep their distance and use negative (long-ranged) psychs. However, they should keep moving in order to avoid its Explosive Quills attack.


The Classi Corehog's name is a play on "classic" (possibly a reference to traditional heavy metal, which is also known as classic metal) and "hedgehog".

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