Electro Popguin
Noise 27
Electro Popguin's sprite
← #26 #27 #28 →
Hit points 1000
Attack 150
PP reward 4
EXP reward 110
Habitat(s) 104 Building*
Station Underpass*
Cadoi City*
Towa Records*
Spain Hill*
Miyashita Park*
Cat Street*
Shibu-Q Heads*
Udagawa Back Streets*
Pork City*
Day(s) Week 2: Days 5-7
Week 3: Days 5 & 6
Resistances 100% Positive
100% Negative
Pin drops U - Rare Metal*
H - Superfine Beam*
N - Superfine Beam*
E - Nenekiri*

"These avian Noise direct the J popguin assault. Defeat them, and their troops fall into chaos!"
— Noise Report

The Electro Popguin is a red and white popguin Noise with yellow head feathers and wing-tips in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Popguin Lead: Electro Popguin has the capability to lead any fellow J Popguin on the field for a coordinated attack on the player.

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Flurry Slap: The Electro Popguin rapidly flails its wings in front of itself to repeatedly slap the player when they get too close.
  • Penguin Slide: The Electro Popguin slides on its stomach at the player, causing damage upon contact.
  • Popguin Slide Assault: Under the ability, Popguin Lead, Electro Popguin will command any J Popguin to slide together with it towards the player, all in order to deal collective damage to the target.


The player should attack the Electro Popguin first if it is leading J Popguin. Otherwise, attack as normal while avoiding the Electro Popguin's slide attack.


The Electro Popguin's name is a play on the music genre "electro pop" (also known as "synthpop") combined with "penguin".


The lightning-like head feathers of the Electro Popguin are reminiscent of those of the various crested penguins (including the macaroni penguin and northern rockhopper penguin).

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