Death Metal Mink
Noise 23
Death Metal Mink's sprite
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Hit Points 830
Attack 130
PP Gained 4
EXP Gained 90
Found Scramble Crossing*
Shibukyu Main Store*
Date(s) Encountered Week 2: Days 6 & 7
Resistance 90% Positive
110% Negative
Pin Drops U - Shadow Matter*
H - Pavo Real*
N - Healing Flamingo*
E - Pavo Real*

"The Taboo mink. Like an obsidian gale, it demolishes everything in its path."
— Noise Report

The Death Metal Mink is the Taboo mink Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Wing Slash: The Death Metal Mink attempts to slash the player, when they get too close, with the wing-like structures on its body. The attack hits 2-3 times.
  • Wing Bullet: The Death Metal Mink performs a roll and shoots out a penetrating wedge-shaped projectile at the player.
  • Whirlwind Dance: The Death Metal Mink quickly starts to spin into a whirlwind dance, making it invulnerable by annulling all psych attacks. It is able to move around in order to inflict damage to players close enough. This ability lasts for about 5-10 seconds.


The player should keep their distance during the Death Metal Mink's Whirlwind Dance ability and hold off attacking until it ends, since the ability makes the mink Noise invulnerable and so using psychs while it is in this form only wastes a psych's uses. The player should attack Death Metal Mink as normal when it is not in this form with positive (close-ranged) psychs. Since it is a Taboo Noise, all psych attacks do significantly less damage than normal. In order to do real damage to a Taboo Noise, the attacking character must have the Light Puck. Equipable items that make the Light Puck move more slowly between Neku and his partner can therefore be helpful when fighting any Taboo Noise. Avoid negative (long-ranged) psychs, as mink Noise are resistant to them.

Other appearancesEdit

Week 2: Day 6Edit

Week 2: Day 7Edit


The Death Metal Mink's name is a combination of "death metal" and "mink".

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