Thrash Mink
Noise 20
Thrash Mink's sprite
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Hit points 630
Attack 90
PP reward 3
EXP reward 70
Habitat(s) Scramble Crossing*
Statue of Hachiko*
Shibukyu Main Store*
Shibu Dept. Store*
Cadoi City*
Towa Records*
Tipsy Tose Hall*
Spain Hill*
Center St. Entrance*
Miyashita Park Underpass*
Miyashita Park*
Cat Street*
Day(s) Week 2: Days 1-6
Resistances 90% Positive
110% Negative
Pin drops U - 10,000 Yen*
H - Rare Metal*
N - Natural Magnum*
E - Lovely Beam*

"This mink Noise floats in midair. Its powerful claws attack with the wind itself."
— Noise Report

The Thrash Mink is a green mink Noise in The World Ends with You.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Thrash Mink has no passive capabilities.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Thrash Mink (Whirlwind)

Thrash Mink's Whirlwind

  • Wing Slash: The Thrash Mink attempts to slash the player, when they get too close, with the wing-like structures on its body. The attack hits 2-3 times.
  • Wing Bullet: The Thrash Mink performs a roll and shoots out a penetrating wedge-shaped projectile at the player.
  • Whirlwind: While stationary, the Thrash Mink will quickly spin into a whirlwind. This makes the mink Noise invulnerable by annulling all psych attacks. The ability will also cause damage to the player if they are close enough, and lasts for about 5-10 seconds.


The player should keep their distance during the Thrash Mink's Whirlwind ability and hold off attacking until it ends, since the ability makes the mink Noise invulnerable and so using psychs while it is in this form only wastes a psych's uses. The player should attack the Thrash Mink as normal when it is not in this form with positive (close-ranged) psychs. Avoid negative (long-ranged) psychs, as mink Noise are resistant to them.


The Thrash Mink's name is a combination of "thrash" (as in the music genre thrash metal) and "mink".

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