Mowzy (ネズミー君 Nezumī-kun?) is a set of threads in The World Ends with You.Item 015

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 015
Name Mowzy
Brand Mus Rattus
ATK bonus +1
DEF bonus +1
HP bonus +9
BRV required 25
Info Threads slot: Accessory

Description: Mus Rattus mascot Mowzy in stuffed animal form. A bunch were made, but zero sold, leaving them to sleep in storage...

Ability Name: AbipsycheHIT Keeper I

Effective when equipped by: Neku

Description: When Neku wears this, the HITS counter takes a little longer to disappear.

How to get Sold by:
  • Mus Rattus II - Molco for ¥1500
  • Mus Rattus III - Cadoi City for ¥1500
  • Mus Rattus IV - Shibukyu Main Store for ¥1500

Secret report event:

Ability unlocked at: Mus Rattus II - Molco (FSG Lvl 2)


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