Mithril Scale
Mithril Scale
is a new brand exclusive to The World Ends With You - Live Remix. The brand's design majorly focuses around mythological creatures and monsters.

Most Mithril Scale pins are exclusive to the Super Rare and Super Super Rare pin ranks, making them only obtainable through the Gold Pig Gacha. There are a few pins in the Rare category, but they are extremely hard to obtain through normal play. You may occasionally get one through a Week-end Reward if you're among the higher ranking players for that week.

Mithril Scale pins mostly use a Press touch command, and vary from single-target to multi-target psychs. They are very high in power, and are extremely effective against normal Noise. In Boss Fights and Ringleader Fights, they are great as big damage dealers, taking large chunks off the Noise's health. It may be for this reason that they are so rare and near-impossible to get through normal play.

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