Mina (ミナ Mina?) is a side character who appears a few times in the three weeks, mostly appearing next to Ai. She shows kindness multiple times through the story and is willing to help others, but is also seen to be fairly impressionable, liking things because they are popular.

Biography Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In week 1, Mina is first seen outside Shibu Dept. Store with Makoto. Upon discovering Makoto wants tickets to a Tin Pin Slammer slam, she resolves to obtain some; however, Ai spies her walking away and becomes suspicious. Later, Neku and Shiki are tasked with removing the noise from Spain Hill, and trace the source of the noise to Ai and Mina. Mina is perplexed by Ai's bad temper, and a game of Reaper Creeper results in Ai accusing her of trying to steal Makoto, her crush. Here, Mina's kindness comes to light, as she produces two tickets to the slam and gives them to Ai, so that the two can date. At a later date, she can be seen talking to Eri, Shiki's friend, in the Scramble Crossing, which hints that they may be high school friends.

In week 2, Mina is seen at Shadow Ramen in Dogenzaka. Neku asks her questions, and although she is running short on time, she answers a few. She admits she is not much of a noodle person, preferring sweeter treats (even proposing someone make dessert ramen), and is only there because the Prince recommended it on his blog. She is intensely excited about seeing the celebrity, even willing to pay ¥5000 for the ramen to photograph it and show it off to her friends, which silently irriates Neku.

She is then later seen during the events of Week 3 with Ai, possessed by the O-pin.

In Another Day Edit

In Another Day, Mina is a member of Shiki's Prince fanclub, the White Angels. She is available to play outside Shibu Dept. Store before the slam-off and again after the slam-off. She uses the same deck both times. Upon being defeated after the slam-off, she rewards Neku with a Sparkle Charge pin.

Deck #1

Pin #1: Sparkle Charge | Weight: 7, Spin: 12, KO Length: 5, Stinger x 5, Bomber x 7, Hammer x 1, Hand x 3

Pin #2: Sparkle Charge | Weight: 7, Spin: 12, KO Length: 5, Stinger x 5, Bomber x 7, Hammer x 1, Hand x 3


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