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Massive Hit is a positive psych found on four pins. It is activated by pressing and holding Neku. While he is charging, efficiency will start at 20% and increase up to a final amount of 200%. Neku may cancel the charge or release the attack prematurely for less efficiency. The attack causes Neku to jump slightly forward and swing a large blade, damaging all enemies in front of Neku.

The efficiency charging has 4 stages:

  • 20%: No charge
  • 40%: Small charge
  • 100%: Medium charge
  • 200%: Full charge

Regular Massive Hit pins are classified under B class.

There are two tricks to using a Massive Hit pin:

  • First, it is best to assign it to a sub-slot. This forces you to hold L or R while activating. Releasing L or R causes the attack to be canceled entirely, while releasing the stylus from Neku launches a premature attack.
  • Second, Massive Hit reaches peak efficiency just before it is automatically used. When using the psych, press between Neku's feet instead of on his torso. Watch for the moment the blade gleams, as that's when Massive Hit has reached 200% efficiency. You may then release the stylus and still inflict maximum damage! Skilled users of Massive Hit welcome the slightly reduced charge time with this technique.


Massive Hit is the ultimate great risk, great reward psych. The charge time and small proximity of the attack makes it one of the most difficult psychs to use. Neku must face the enemy from a short distance, is a sitting duck while charging, and must hope that the enemy does not move out of the way. Due to the charge time, this psych is only suitable for passing the puck. Therefore, only Dope Line (available on W3D2 by evolving Kewl Line) is worth serious consideration because of its massive 225 pin ATK. The other Massive Hit pins do not have a high enough pin ATK to merit the risk.

Dope Line is on another order of magnitude when it comes to potential damage, being by far and away the most deadly maingame pin if Neku connects with it. Resonance and trends greatly benefit Dope Line, both of which modify pin ATK:

Damage statistics with mastered Dope Line, Neku with 10 ATK and normal difficulty
Bonus Pin ATK Naked ATK LASS
None 225 470 1136
#3 brand or Resonance 270 560 1316
#3 brand and Resonance 324 668 1532
#2 brand 337 694 1584
#2 brand and Resonance 404 828 1852
#1 brand 450 920 2036
#1 brand and Resonance 540 1100 2396

Those astonishing numbers do not take the puck into account. When combined with the puck and SOS threads, it is quite possible to cripple or even KO many of the week 3 bosses with a single hit! The Wild Boar Resonance pin may be obtained on W3D6 via Noise 52N.

Dope Line at medium charge (100%) is still very powerful, so don't always feel pressured to reach full charge! Medium charge is manageable because it has about the same charge time as other high efficiency psychs.

Dope Line vs. Burst RoundsEdit

Dope Line deals nearly three times the damage of One Grain, Infinite Promise, which is the highest damaging maingame Burst Rounds pin. Burst Rounds is a much faster psych, so it is recommended to use Burst Rounds pins over Dope Line for regular Noise. However, the power of Dope Line against bosses cannot be ignored if the player is skilled at using it. It doesn't hurt to have both in the deck!

Dope Line at medium charge still deals more damage than OGIP.

Dope Line vs. Black Uranus (set)Edit

For the postgame, Dope Line will deal approximately 25% more damage than Black Uranus at 300% efficiency. However, Black Uranus is considered to be the superior pin because it has no charge time.

  Name Brand Cls Boot Reboot Limit Uses Psych Action Elm EFF% Power Atk200
Pin 197 Kewl Line Wild Boar B 3 7 2 Massive Hit P Pos 200 105 610
Pin 198 Dope Line Wild Boar B 4 8 1 Massive Hit P Pos 200 225 850
Pin 199 Wild Line Wild Boar B 0 7 3 Massive Hit P Pos 200 110 620
Pin 294 Rhino Unbranded R 0 5.3 6 Massive Hit P Pos 200 100 600

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