Item 279

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 279
Name Lucky Mallet
Brand Unbranded
ATK bonus ---
DEF bonus +25
HP bonus +100
BRV required 160
Info Threads slot: Accessory

Description: The miniature golden hammer of Muromachi-period legends that lets you change your height at will. Perfect for short folks!

Ability Name: AbipsycheEXP Boost II

Effective when equipped by: All

Description: Increases the amount of EXP you get.

How to get Sold by:

Secret report event: W3D6 - Shadow Ramen
Go back to Beat Day 3 and decline the Reaper Creeper game with Makoto and his boss. Go to Beat Day 6, and the Shadow Ramen shop should be reopened. Enter the shop and you will get the Lucky Mallet.

Ability unlocked at: Pavo Real - Shibukyu Stationside (FSG Lvl 6)


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