Item 124

There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

Number 124
Name Liberty Duke
Brand Pegaso
ATK bonus +16
DEF bonus +16
HP bonus +113
BRV required 60
Info Threads slot: Accessory

Description: A round-faced wristwatch made to Pegaso specifications. This season's fusion of beauty and function has drawn accolades.

Ability Name: AbipsycheAll-around Upgrade III

Effective when equipped by: All

Description: Increases Attack, Defense, and HP.

How to get Sold by:
  • Bel Airplane - Shibu Dept. Store for 1x Silver Baron; 1x Tin Pin Golem;
  • Pegaso Atelier - Shibu Dept. Store for ¥1010550

Secret report event:

Ability unlocked at: Pegaso Atelier - Shibu Dept. Store (FSG Lvl 3)

Comments This is one of the few threads that can either be bought with Yen or traded for with pins.

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