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Kewl LineEdit

Pin 197
Number 197
Name Kewl Line
Brand Wild Boar
Levels 5
Psych Pospsyche Massive Hit P
Spec Attack: 105
Efficiency 200% (assumes full charge; no charge effectiveness: 20%)
Damage @ATK=200 610 (per hit)
Class B
Limit 2 uses
Value ¥2600
Boot 3s
Reboot 7s
Info 1 Press Neku and release to unleash a vicious slicing attack. Neku will be unable to move mid-press, but longer presses yield more power.
Info 2 Growth Bonus: Power: Y, Uses: N, Boot: Y

Growth Speed: Somewhat slow

Looks like this pin could evolve!

Tin Pin Weight: 2

Spin: 1

KO Length: 4


  • Stinger x 7
  • Bomber x 0
  • Hammer x 11
  • Hand x 0
How to get Sold by: 104

Dropped by:

Event reward: W3D2

Evolved from:


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