If the player decides to end a battle against the Noise, there is usually the option to Escape from battle. To do so, simply pause the game and choose "Gotta Bounce!" in the middle of the screen.

There are various rules that apply with escaping from battle, which are listed below:

  • Any escape the player makes will drain the power from thecell phone battery, which will make the player's partner angry if overdone. To refill it, the player can simply fight some Noise without escaping. As long as the player makes their escapes infrequent, the player should be fine.
  • Boss fights are not fights to run from. In normal circumstances, bosses related to the story don't allow the player to run away so easily.
  • Escaping a battle with Taboo Noise is impossible.

The player chosen partner's anger and the cell phone battery level affect the sync rate. If the player escapes several times in a row, the player's sync rate will crash to zero. Escaping once has no penalty. Escaping a 2nd time in a row cause the player's sync rate to drop 5%. Running for a 3rd time will cause the players partner to get annoyed with you and the player's sync rate will plummet to 0. Successfully erasing Noise will recharge the phones battery by one bar. The player can look at the top of the screen to see your current battery power.

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