A game's Entry Fee is taken from the game's Players at the beginning of the game. The Entry Fee represents the thing that the player most values and is only returned if the Player wins the game legally. The collection of Entry Fees serves dual purposes of motivating Players to play and providing the Player with perspective about the necessity of their preceived most valued thing.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Game Player Entry Fee
Week 1 Neku Sakuraba Memories
Week 1 Shiki Misaki Appearance
Week 1 Beat Rhyme's memories of him
Week 1 Rhyme Dreams*
Week 2 Neku Sakuraba Shiki Misaki
Week 2 Joshua N/A*
Week 2 Sota Unknown
Week 2 Nao Unknown
Week 3 Neku Sakuraba Every other player
Week 3 Beat Rhyme*
Fate of Shibuya Megumi Kitaniji Unknown
Fate of Shibuya Neku Sakuraba Unknown

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