ESP'er Points are a ranking found on the top screen on the save screen. 1 point is earned for each battle or Reduction in a chain battle and spending ¥10,000 or more on a single item in a shop (though buying an item that cost ¥20,000 or more WILL NOT earn 2 points, you earn 1 point for spending ¥10,000 or higher only). You also earn 3 points for every Tin Pin match you play with an actual person, and 1 point for each entity found while mingling.

ESP'er Points and the Class givenEdit

The amount of ESP'er Points you have also affects your ESP'er Rank.

0 ~ 999 Points - E Class
1000 ~ 1999 Points - D Class
2000 ~ 2999 Points - C Class
3000 ~ 4999 Points - B Class
5000 ~ 9999 Points - A Class
10,000+ Points - Star Class

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